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The foundational unit of innovation is the team. Learn how we leverage our skills to create and deliver meaningful outcomes.

About Us

Xtressials was founded as a student initiative to develop projects aiming at solving real-world problems.

We gathered a cloud credit funding worth USD12000 from a major cloud provider and started tackling complex problems at scale, while extending his projects and relying on the strength of his diverse multidisciplinary teams to envision and execute on solutions that generates the required value.

The pillars of foundation at Xtressials

Aim For Sustainability


Enjoy The Process


Excecute Decentralization


The Vision

When citizens are intimately involved in the process, you’re all but guaranteed to making India disaster resilient.

From the initial visioning stages through to development and beyond, we aim at sustainable outcomes and collaborate with people to ensure that every decision we make is rooted and aligns with our goals and nation’s need.

Our Partners and Supporters

Here are our esteem supporters who are helping us improve the life of billions.

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We’re always looking for talented, ambitious individuals to join us in our mission to bring about sustainability.

Software Development

Are you passionate about developing software for a sustainable future?

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Shriti Chandra
Development & Operations Head, XtressHealth

Hardware Development

Do you get excited by the idea of tinkering around hardware stuff?

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Pranav Prabhu
Hardware Design Lead, Cloudiotics

Community Support

Are you empathatic with a strong passion for community collaboration?

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Vishesh Ghorawat
Co-Founder, XtressVue